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Conflict in Organizations: The Case for More

Let me be clear, I’m terrified of conflict – or at least I used to be.  That might seem odd coming from a mediator (and maybe I’m doing myself no favours by…

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Maire Dugan’s classic article

Working on a Con Res manual today, I came across the classic article by Maire Dugan on her Nested Theory of Conflict.  This theory is probably familiar to most of you since…

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5 Actions to Lead Your Group Through Conflict

Leading a group through conflict is difficult.  Here are some essentials to guide you through the challenges. 5 Actions to Lead Your Group Through Conflict

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Why people talk about the past

People review the past for several reasons, some of which are helpful and some of which are not.  Here are some reasons: To understand what happened for personal, psychological, or practical reasons:…

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