Family Mediation

As a senior member of the Dispute Resolution Office High Conflict Family Mediation Team, Tim has over 15 years of experience as a family mediator for both parenting and financial issues.  Fifth Business if fully capable of providing all mediation services online with HIPAA digital security standards.

Tim Nickel offers both financial and parenting mediation services.  This includes:

  • Division of property,
  • Child Maintenance and Spousal Maintenance determinations,
  • Parenting plans, and
  • Any other issues that arise.

Separation and divorce can be very stressful for couples and, if they have them, their children.  Research clearly shows collaborative approaches can reduce this stress and increase the effectiveness of outcomes.  Also, you share the cost of the service!


When you enter mediation, the mediator will:

1) assess your case through individual interviews and a thorough review of any relevant information;

2) thoughtfully design joint mediation sessions where you discuss the important issues, discover and share what is important to each of you and your children, and decide on the best course of action and;

3)Write documents that reflect the level of formality required for the type of agreement you have made.

You will find Tim Nickel’s understanding, knowledge, and experience provides the steady guiding hand to make decisions and improve your parenting relationship.

Strategy Facilitation

Either as a response to changing environments or as a regular part of your business cycle, a facilitator helps an organization keep the focus on its goals, structures time to keep momentum, and designs a process that gets the right brains working the right way to make the right decisions.  Tim Nickel is an expert facilitator, having decades of experience and loads of training.  His use of discursive strategies brings the best thinking into the room.  Years of work in high conflict mediation gives him the strength and knowledge to keep any conversation going.

“Tim truly understood what we needed for our board-management strategy retreat.  I could let go of the process and focus on the strategy.  Excellent facilitator and process designer!” – Brent Hesje, CEO Fountain Tire, Board Member POS BIO Sciences Group of Companies.

Immunity to Change Coaching & Facilitation

Tim is trained at Harvard, MA in the Immunity to Change coaching process developed by Dr. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey.

The Immunity to Change (ITC) process targets adaptive or deep level change in individuals and groups.  It is a powerful tool available to those who identify a need for significant conscious shifts in mindset to more adequately engage with a complex environment.  Kegan and Lahey developed ITC over decades of painstaking research into human development and growth.  Pursued individually, the ITC process stimulates desired change when other, more technical, approaches have failed.  Applied to groups, it is a powerful way to get on the same page about how to improve the group’s performance and, at the same time, encourage personal accountability and responsibility to make the change happen.  Explore the change system at

Training and Professional Development

Fifth Business delivers training experiences on communication, respectful workplaces, change management, conflict resolution, supervising through conflict, negotiation, and mediation.  Depending on the nature of the group, 15 to 24 people is ideal.

Tim has been delivering training since 1998.  He has contracts with ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance and the Dispute Resolution Office of Saskatchewan Justice, delivering workshops that consistently receive high praise.  The content of the training experience can be closely tailored to your workplace, targeting the precise areas of needed impact.  Not sure if your need fits the list? Let’s talk and figure out what might work.  Further, Tim can blend the experience, if his other consulting skills such as mediation or group facilitation seem to be needed.

  • Contracts with ACHIEVE and DRO
  • 19 years of experience
  • Best practice in adult learning
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants
  • Highly effective results

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Fifth Business will provide mediation services, if appropriate, in nearly any type of dispute.  This list includes but is not limited to: family mediation, civil disputes of all kinds, personal injury claims with SGI or other insurance claims, construction and other contract disputes, harassment grievances within the policies of organizations, other workplace disputes, collective bargaining, dismissal disputes, and resource and land use.

Tim Nickel knows when to strike a deal and when to repair the relationship.  He knows when to do both and when to simply minimize damage and risk.

  • Tim Nickel is a Chartered Mediator with ADR Canada.
  • 20 years of experience working full-time in non-profit, government and private consulting settings
  • Has led thousands of conflict resolution processes.
  • Tim mediated and supervised mediators in the adult victim offender mediation program of Saskatoon Community Mediation Services.
  • He has been a leader in the Dispute Resolution Office with high-conflict families referred through QB court, child protection through courts and social services, human rights mediation through the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, ambulance service .
  • Tim has mediated nearly 500 civil law suits of all sorts through the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench.
  • He has specialized in helping conflicted workplaces with pairs or groups, but also works in communities and other organizational structures.

Interest-based Bargaining & Multi-stage Multi-stakeholder Negotiations

Fifth Business provides facilitation for interest-based collective bargaining and facilitates multi-stage multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives.

Privately, and through the Dispute Resolution Office of Saskatchewan Justice, Tim has organized and facilitated many multiparty contractual, development, and policy decision-making processes. He is trained in multi-stakeholder collaboration in San Francisco with Sam Kaner and Nellie Noakes (Community at Work).  With a keen understanding of the essential issues and a stalwart persistence in difficult and complex problems, Tim has repeatedly shown his ability to convene and facilitate high level, multi-staged, multiparty decision‐making processes.

  • Projects include: Saskatchewan Agriculture Multi-stakeholder Forum on Intensive Livestock Operation Development; Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Association and Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union CBA, Medication management with Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, Unions and Long Term Care Facilities; Civil Litigation and long-term relationship development with provincial level Catholic and Public School Systems; Saskatchewan Francophone Schools with the Government of Saskatchewan; Chinook School Division LINC Contract (amalgamated school division)
  • Years of experience mediating civil third party and cross claims

Organizational Development

Fifth Business will conduct a wide range of Organizational Development initiatives including:

  • Organizational or workplace assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building, including off-sites
  • Change management
  • Facilitation
  • Management or employee coaching
  • Other: Inquire and present your unique problem and we will find a way to address it.


Tim Nickel is trained in Organizational Diagnosis from the Community At Work Group of San Francisco and has been handling cases of workplace conflict and organizational change for 12 years.

  • Has completed full organization assessments as a lone consultant or within consultant teams for both small (8 members) and large (Saskatchewan Department of Learning >800 employees) organizations
  • Consulted with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission in Chief Commissioner David Arnot’s major change initiative that included specifically significant changes to legislation, culture, relationships, policies and procedures, and client journeys through the complaint system
  • Sees the patterns underneath the symptoms and consistently creates deep personal connections, motivating people to make the changes they need. At ease in the boardroom and the shop floor, Tim has made a reputation out of truly understanding people – wherever and whoever they are.