Maire Dugan’s classic article

Working on a Con Res manual today, I came across the classic article by Maire Dugan on her Nested Theory of Conflict.  This theory is probably familiar to most of you since it is taught in nearly every basic conflict resolution or mediation course.  Trainers, including myself, rarely cite the source though and the idea has become, like so many of the good ideas in the field, just part of the canon and know one really knows where it came from.  Reading the article, you see that trainers and practitioners have taken liberties with the ideas, sometimes pushing the meaning pretty far. You also see some of the valuable and essential elements that have eroded over time.  As well, you see how influential Dr. Dugan was on more than just the theory.  It reads as a brilliantly bold treatise on how we should treat each other and ideas in the field.  Definitely worth the time to reread a classic! Here it is: Dugan_Maire_Nested-Model-Original

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