Conflict in Organizations: The Case for More

Let me be clear, I’m terrified of conflict – or at least I used to be.  That might seem odd coming from a mediator (and maybe I’m doing myself no favours by…

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Maire Dugan’s classic article

Working on a Con Res manual today, I came across the classic article by Maire Dugan on her Nested Theory of Conflict.  This theory is probably familiar to most of you since…

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5 Actions to Lead Your Group Through Conflict

Leading a group through conflict is difficult.  Here are some essentials to guide you through the challenges. 5 Actions to Lead Your Group Through Conflict

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What they say about Tim

“We have engaged Tim’s expertise and professional services on at least two occasions over the last year.  His approach is one of adding strategic value to what your corporate objectives have been set to achieve.  Hiring consultants is not always a benefit.  It really depends on the individual and/or company, plus their ability to grasp the challenge and bring a quantum of value greater than the investment for their services.  Tim is a professional that will take time to thoroughly understand the challenge and then offer a pathway through to accomplish clear, insightful and worthy deliverables.  He is a 5-star consultant.”

D.A.(Dale) Kelly, President and CEO

POS Group of Companies, John and Charlotte Cross BioSciences Centre