Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

Privately, and through the Dispute Resolution Office of Saskatchewan Justice, Tim has organized and facilitated many multiparty contractual, development, and policy decision-making processes. He is trained in multi-stakeholder collaboration in San Francisco with Sam Kaner and Nellie Noakes (Community at Work).  With a keen understanding of the essential issues and a stalwart persistence in difficult and complex problems, Tim has repeatedly shown his ability to convene and facilitate high level, multi-staged, multiparty decision‐making processes.

  • Projects include: Waterwolf Regional Planning District Planning Forum, Saskatchewan Agriculture Multi-stakeholder Forum on Intensive Livestock Operation Development; Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Association and Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union CBA, Medication management with Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, Unions and Long Term Care Facilities; Civil Litigation and long-term relationship development with provincial level Catholic and Public School Systems; Saskatchewan Francophone Schools with the Government of Saskatchewan; Chinook School Division LINC Contract (amalgamated school division)
  • Years of experience mediating civil third party and cross claims

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